How to Attract Girls – 5 Unmissable Tips for Attracting a Girl

Let’s set the scene to begin with, there are so many guys who are still too afraid to chase a girl that they really like, admire and ultimately are attracted to. Why? Well it is simply because they don’t have a plan of action or a strategy.

Let’s make it clear that it is not because they are ugly or unattractive, look I recently watched a show where a guy suffered a condition from birth which left him with little development in his facial bones, so you can imagine that he wasn’t the hottest guy on the block, what do you think his chances of attracting a girl was? Well, he has a hot girlfriend who loves call girls in karachi him and could not be any happier!

With this in mind you should already feel better about yourself, just get in a positive mind-set and you can work wonders…I assure you!

Now, I have learned over the years some sure fire ways to attracting a girl, but it helps if you know how to attract a girl so that you can expect your desired girl to return your interest, this way you will save yourself a good deal of time, effort and needless stress!

OK, so how do you go about charming your way into her heart…or other parts?! Here is my advice:


  • Chivalry
  • Yes even in this day and age with women possessing all that girl power, it pays to be chivalrous; some women may not like it but on the whole most love it! So open her car door, pull the seat out for her when visiting a restaurant, I know I know, at some joints the chairs are fixed to the floor…it might get a laugh though if you played on this a bit.
  • Another good one for you is to walk nearest the road when on a sidewalk; it will give her a sense of protection.
  • Pay Attention to Your Appearance
  • When on a mission to attracting a girl it is important to pay attention to your appearance, I am sure you will have heard this before but did you know that your appearance has a direct impact on a woman and how she translates your ability to satisfy her needs? Sounds funny I know, but trust me if you appear a messy or sloppy person in general, you run the risk of being thought of in this negative way by her, and this hurts too…she may subconsciously go as far as to doubt your sexual ability!
  • If a man appears able to project his attention to detail and the way he organizes it, a woman is reassured that she will get the kind of satisfaction she wants. So, don’t underestimate the value of this knowledge!
  • Try to Make her Laugh.
  • Humour is such a great leveller and when used in conversation is one
  • of the best tactics a man can have in attracting a girl, it just creates an instant connection between the two of you. Use it at the right time and get her laughing, more times than not it will impress her and get her to think that you are an interesting guy. Think back to previous experiences when others made you laugh and feel good then apply that experience to your girl.
  • Notice Details and Compliment Her
  • Women don’t just notice details; they actively use them to be attractive and attentive. If she is wearing a sexy outfit she has not put it on by accident, if her hair is done nicely, again it is for good reason. Women are always impressed and attracted to men who notice these details and give compliments to them.
  • Be Indifferent.
  • A beautiful woman is more than used to being pursued by men in one way or another. If you act indifferent to a woman or almost disinterested sexually, this makes her think that you are calling because you are bored, interestingly she will often do her very best to get your attention! This behaviour drives most women crazy and even though they hate to admit it, it’s ultra-interesting to them.


So as you can see, learning secrets of attracting a girl is a valuable skill which must be pursued. If you want to build an attraction with any woman take the time to apply these great tips. Next time you go out, make sure you apply all 5 great tips and you will have a ball meeting women and it will not be so nerve-racking for you!

Do you know how to use your sexual body language for and get her to feel an attraction to YOU? What not to say when approaching women? How to call a woman to ask her out?

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